Matlab to Ansys ICEM/Fluent and Spline Drawing Toolbox

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Define 2D geometry, ICEM CFD 2D surface blocking mesh, and Fluent journals in Matlab
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Define points, lines/splines, surfaces, and mesh parameters in Matlab and create ICEM replay files to generate, define, and export a 2D surface blocking mesh to Ansys Fluent. The toolbox handles periodicity, as well as the boundary conditions.

This is a multi-step procedure:
1. run Matlab to generate the geometry ICEM replay file;
2. execute it in ICEM and create the surface blocking;
3. run Matlab again, to analyze the node numbering, and generate the define-mesh replay file;
4. execute the second file in ICEM, and inspect your pre-mesh;
5. export it with the third replay file.

Alternatively, the updated version of the toolbox can generate a mesh automatically by using ICEM's batch mode (only recommended for finished mesh designs, minor variations, or parameter studies).

With 'geo' functions you create the geometry. 'icem' functions are used to automagically translate the Matlab data to ICEM, and to analyze the ICEM project files. 'fluent' functions may act as starting points to analyze your Fluent monitors, pathlines, or reports (very specific to the problem, and I have no suitable test data to show examples).

Examples include a 'tipps.m' to get a general understand of the geometry functions, a simple boundary layer problem, two airfoil simulations with Fluent journal files to define cases, and a brief moving-and-deformable mesh how-to.

Single functions might be interesting: recursive path search, point-in-polygon, radial search, strjoin, strsplit, nnsearch, getFilteredFileList, ...


Dominik Hofer (2024). Matlab to Ansys ICEM/Fluent and Spline Drawing Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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版本 已发布 发行说明

fixed an error in 'geoRound2Splines.m', disabled packaging as a toolbox, changed the description


ICEM batch mode compatible, new sample case, new bunching law estimators, minor corrections, updated readme.txt


added an image to the description, fix in geoOrientCurves.m (handle special case with only 2 curves)

added folder '.\mdm_for_students\calc' with Fluent specific code