Distribution System Model in Simscape : European Test Feeder

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Build automatically the IEEE 906 Bus European LV Test Feeder and compare to benchmark results

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This submission contains MATLAB scripts that will build automatically the IEEE 906 Bus European LV Test Feeder in Simscape Electrical - Specialized Power Systems. The model is a 'quasi-steady' model, meaning it captures an operating point in the minimum number of simulation steps. This is equivalent to a power flow, but enables multiple operating points to be assessed in a time-domain environment. The model can be built both as a single model, or as a four-segment model that is connected through Model Reference. Segmenting the model allows larger models to be built more efficiently, with time savings made in both model construction and model compilation.
The IEEE 906 Bus European Test Feeder benchmark data is available at the following URL,https://cmte.ieee.org/pes-testfeeders/wp-content/uploads/sites/167/2017/08/European_LV_Test_Feeder_v2.zip
The work is based on the following references,
[1] IEEE PES Distribution Systems Analysis Subcommittee Radial Test Feeders [Online], Available: http://ewh.ieee.org/soc/pes/dsacom/testfeeders/index.html.
[2] R. C. Dugan, W. H. Kersting, S. Carneiro, R. F. Arritt, and T. E. McDermott, "Roadmap for the IEEE PES test feeders," IEEE Power Systems Conference and Exposition, pp.1-4, March 2009.


Graham Dudgeon (2023). Distribution System Model in Simscape : European Test Feeder (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/66991-distribution-system-model-in-simscape-european-test-feeder), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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