Building a Forest of Trees in MATLAB

版本 1.0.0 (70.2 KB) 作者: Ameer Hamza
This live script demonstrates the use of handle classes by creating and visualizing tree structures in MATLAB.

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更新时间 2018/7/18


编者注: This file was selected as MATLAB Central Pick of the Week

The Forest of Trees Live Script demonstrates how to use handle classes and object oriented programming in MATLAB to construct custom data structures and uses MATLAB graphics to visualize and explain the tree data structure. The Live Script also makes use of numeric sliders to allow the user to customize their tree, and see how changing each option affects the resulting tree by watching the graphical output change in response to the slider. Submitted as part of the MATLAB Online Live Editor Challenge 2018.


Ameer Hamza (2022). Building a Forest of Trees in MATLAB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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创建方式 R2018a
Windows macOS Linux

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