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Gaussian Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization

version 1.0.2 (211 KB) by David Franco
The Gaussian Q-PSO function + 11 benchmark functions + original article.


Updated 18 Oct 2018

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The folder contain the Gaussian Q-PSO main code (GQPSO) and 11 functions for benchmark (+ the Gaussian Q-PSO original article).


fun = @griewankfcn;
D = 30;
nPop = 50;
lb = -600;
ub = 600;
maxit = 1000;
maxeval = 10000*D;

[xmin,fmin,histout] = GQPSO(fun,D,nPop,lb,ub,maxit,maxeval);


[xmin,fmin,histout] = GQPSO(@griewankfcn,30,50,-600,600,1000,10000*30);

Cite As

dos Santos Coelho, Leandro. “Gaussian Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Approaches for Constrained Engineering Design Problems.” Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 37, no. 2, Elsevier BV, Mar. 2010, pp. 1676–83, doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2009.06.044.

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David Franco

Xia Joshua,

w1 and w2 are used to control the "contraction-expansion coefficient".
Reference: The particle swarm - explosion, stability, and convergence in a multidimensional complex space (

constants c1 and c2 are the "cognitive and social components", respectively, which are the acceleration constants responsible for varying the particle velocity towards pbest and gbest, respectively.
Reference: Gaussian quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization approaches for constrained engineering design problems (

Xia Joshua

x = unifrnd([lb,ub],[nPop,D]); % input the bounds as single array
The original code assumes only one input. If the code is modified as above, it would work.

lb=[0 5 10];ub=[0 25 100];D=3;
Error using unifrnd (line 25)
Size information is inconsistent.

Error in GQPSO (line 31)
x = unifrnd(lb,ub,[nPop,D]);

Error in Run_sim_QEG (line 449)
[xmin,fmin,histout] = GQPSO(Fobj,dim,nPop,lb,ub,maxit,C1,C2);

Perfect work. Clean code. Thx!



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