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MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server

MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server™ lets you access your MATLAB® Production Server-hosted functions via MATLAB Add-Ons


Updated 10 Mar 2021

MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server™ lets you access your MATLAB® Production Server-hosted algorithms from the MATLAB desktop via MATLAB Add-Ons. MATLAB Production Server provides central, secure and scalable execution for your algorithms. MATLAB Add-Ons are similar to MATLAB toolboxes, adding application-specific features to your MATLAB installation.

Using MATLAB Add-Ons generated by MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server you can:

• Centralize algorithm management: Install algorithms on a central server and then run them from any MATLAB desktop.
• Protect your intellectual property: Encryption protects algorithms deployed to MATLAB Production Server.
• Scale with demand: Scale on-premises or in the cloud.

You must activate the discovery service of every MATLAB Production Server instance that hosts MATLAB Production Server Add-Ons.

Once you have deployed an archive to MATLAB Production Server, you can connect a MATLAB desktop session to that archive with a single command. For example, if you’ve deployed the archive “fractal.ctf” to an instance of MATLAB Production Server running on “” at port 31415, you can install it with one command:

>> prodserver.addon.install('fractal', "", 31415);

And then you can call the functions in that archive from the MATLAB desktop and script and function files. For example, if your archive contains a function called mandelbrot() with three inputs and one (image) output:

>> im = mandelbrot(600, 300, 240);
>> show(im)

See the documentation (type “doc” at the MATLAB command prompt) for more details. To get started:

>> help prodserver.addon.install

Comments and Ratings (6)

Pierre Harouimi

2 enhancements:
- If you install the same function on 2 different MPS, you are not able to run the second installed one
- You are not able to discover functions on HTTPS address, because the function listaddon automatically add "http" before the hotsname

Pavel Roslovets

Unfortunately it doesn't work if you host MPS over proxy. For example, I host MPS on '' address.
Command prodserver.addon.availableAddOns('', 80) returns nothing, because '' isn't a suitable web address

Pavel Roslovets

You should add following code to the 903 line of Catalog.m:
list = [];
It will help to avoid infinitive progress dialog with timer errors if MPS doesn't have any add-ons yet.

Sebastian Böhm

Lucas García

Pierre Harouimi

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2019b
Compatible with R2019b to R2021a
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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