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MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server

MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server™ lets you access your MATLAB® Production Server-hosted functions via MATLAB Add-Ons


Updated 16 Sep 2020

MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server™ lets you access your MATLAB® Production Server-hosted algorithms from the MATLAB desktop via MATLAB Add-Ons. MATLAB Production Server provides central, secure and scalable execution for your algorithms. MATLAB Add-Ons are similar to MATLAB toolboxes, adding application-specific features to your MATLAB installation.

Using MATLAB Add-Ons generated by MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server you can:

• Centralize algorithm management: Install algorithms on a central server and then run them from any MATLAB desktop.
• Protect your intellectual property: Encryption protects algorithms deployed to MATLAB Production Server.
• Scale with demand: Scale on-premises or in the cloud.

You must activate the discovery service of every MATLAB Production Server instance that hosts MATLAB Production Server Add-Ons.

Once you have deployed an archive to MATLAB Production Server, you can connect a MATLAB desktop session to that archive with a single command. For example, if you’ve deployed the archive “fractal.ctf” to an instance of MATLAB Production Server running on “” at port 31415, you can install it with one command:

>> prodserver.addon.install('fractal', "", 31415);

And then you can call the functions in that archive from the MATLAB desktop and script and function files. For example, if your archive contains a function called mandelbrot() with three inputs and one (image) output:

>> im = mandelbrot(600, 300, 240);
>> show(im)

See the documentation (type “doc” at the MATLAB command prompt) for more details. To get started:

>> help prodserver.addon.install

Comments and Ratings (5)

Pavel Roslovets

Unfortunately it doesn't work if you host MPS over proxy. For example, I host MPS on '' address.
Command prodserver.addon.availableAddOns('', 80) returns nothing, because '' isn't a suitable web address

Pavel Roslovets

You should add following code to the 903 line of Catalog.m:
list = [];
It will help to avoid infinitive progress dialog with timer errors if MPS doesn't have any add-ons yet.

Sebastian Böhm

Lucas García

Pierre Harouimi

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2019b
Compatible with R2019b to R2020b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux