Ballistic Interplanetary Trajectory Optimization - OTB

版本 1.4.0 (16.2 MB) 作者: David Eagle
Optimization Toolbox version of the MATLAB script which solves the two impulse, patched-conic interplanetary trajectory problem.

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更新时间 2023/5/18


PDF document and a MATLAB script called ipto_matlab_otb that can be used to design and optimize two impulse, “patched conic” ballistic interplanetary trajectories between any two planets of our solar system. It can also be used to find two-body trajectories between a planet and an asteroid or comet. A patched-conic trajectory ignores the gravitational effect of both the launch and arrivals planets on the heliocentric transfer trajectory. This technique involves the solution of Lambert's problem relative to the Sun. Patched-conic trajectories are suitable for preliminary mission design. This script uses the fmincon nonlinear programming (NLP) algorithm from the MATLAB Optimization Toolbox to solve this classic astrodynamics problem. The ipto_matlab_otb MATLAB script also performs a graphical primer vector analysis of the solution. This program feature displays the behavior of the primer vector magnitude and primer derivative magnitude as a function of mission elapsed time in days from departure.


David Eagle (2023). Ballistic Interplanetary Trajectory Optimization - OTB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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版本 已发布 发行说明

Minor tweaks to the MATLAB source code, graphics updates and updated PDF user's guide.


Bug fix for comet/asteroid bodies


DE421 ephemeris


Updated to use the DE440s JPL ephemeris and MICE routines