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Star - planet - satellite system animation

version 2.0 (2.43 KB) by Nicolas Douillet
A function to create an animation to model the orbitography and the gravitational fields of a star - planet - satellite system .


Updated 06 Jul 2020

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For pedagogic / scientific diffusion purposes.

F5 in Star_planet_satellite_animation.m or Star_planet_satellite_animation in console to run the main program and create the animation file named 'Star_planet_satellite_system.gif' that will appear in the same directory as you registered this .m file.

Some parameters -like the one for display- may be tuned at the top of the file.
For instance set sat_path_on / planet_path to false/true to disable/enable the satellite/planet path.

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Nicolas Douillet (2020). Star - planet - satellite system animation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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+ planet elliptic path option (a,b) = semi major / minor axes


All functions in one file only. + comments, + option


Nb periods update, typo


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