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Star - planet - satellite system animation

version 4.1 (1.84 KB) by Nicosahedron
A function to create an animation to model the orbitography and the gravitational field of a star - planet - satellite system.


Updated 31 Dec 2020

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For pedagogic / scientific diffusion purpose (gravity shape spacetime).

F5 in Star_planet_satellite_animation.m or Star_planet_satellite_animation in console to run the main program and create the animation file named 'Star_planet_satellite_system.gif' that will appear in the same directory as you registered this .m file.

Parameters -like the ones for the display- may be tuned in the file header.
For instance set sat_path_on / planet_path_on to false/true to disable/enable the satellite/planet path.

To benefit from the file documentation attached, be sure to download the file, not to just copy and paste it.

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Nicosahedron (2021). Star - planet - satellite system animation (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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However, following the radius of influence of the planet field and its weight, the rendering result may be a little different. The boundary of the gravity field appears or not.


Hi Pink_panther, and thank you for comment and rating. Only the coefficient values (masses) are slightly different. The function used to compute the fields remain the same (a radial basis function with compact support)


I see V4 and V2 are different, is V4 gravity field more accurate?


New version (3.0) actually coming versy soon.

Sun Yanxiao

Boy, one terrific animation it is!

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