Video and Webinar Series

Student Teams Share Their Keys to Success

See how successful teams use MATLAB® and Simulink® in their racecar development. This video series contains all episodes of the MATLAB and Simulink student lounge featuring examples of how teams have improved their car’s performance on the track. For example, learn from AMZ Racing how lap time simulation helped them during concept development, or how TU Delft Racing used automated code generation to bring their vehicle controls to their ECU in less than five minutes.

Videos in English

Weather Forecast System for the World Solar Challenge Join Nils Tersptra as he discusses how the TU Eindhoven team used MATLAB to forecast weather to help with their race strategy in the World Solar Challenge.

TUfast Eco Team's Longitudinal Cruise Controller Maximize efficiency by using an algorithm-based driving strategy with a vehicle model and GPS track data. Maximilian Amm, Alexander Hammerl, and Maximilian Mühlbauer designed a velocity controller for their EducEco / Shell Eco Marathon vehicle. Hammerl and Mühlbauer join Christoph Hahn, of MathWorks, to present their vehicle model and discuss their integration of a longitudinal velocity controller.

Lateral Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Improve your design parameters by modeling lateral vehicle dynamics using a two-mass car model in Simulink, and a Simscape model for sprung mass travel validation. Roni Deb, vehicle dynamics engineer from Camber Racing, demonstrates their models.

Steady-State Lap Time Simulation Use lap time simulation to make better design decisions. Paco Sevilla, of TUfast Formula Student team, and Christoph Hahn, of MathWorks, explain how lap time simulation can be used to compare vehicle concepts in the early design stage.

Developing a New Control Unit Using an FPGA Simplify your engine control unit by merging multiple devices and using an FPGA. After an introduction to FPGAs and the Xilinx Zynq 7000 platform, Sebastian Straßl and Alexander Ehard, from Starkstrom Augsburg, demonstrate HDL code generation.

Driver-in-the-Loop Simulations Håkan Richardson, of Chalmers Formula Student team, and Christoph Hahn, of MathWorks, discuss driver-in-the-loop simulations.

From Telemetry Data to Suspension Modeling Elias Schmidek of ElefantRacing, the Formula Student Team of the University Bayreuth, introduces you to working with suspension telemetry data to improve car performance.

Lap Time Simulation; Essential Part of Concept Development Philipp Föhn and Fabrice Oehler from AMZ Racing Team join Christoph Hahn from MathWorks to explain the fundamentals of Lap Time Simulation.

Reduce Testing Time by Vehicle Modeling Maximilian Wick and Christoph Hahn introduce you to the concept of vehicle modeling with the IPG CarMaker and its interface to Simulink.

Extracting Results from a Large Data Set Marc Russouw from Monash Motorsport and Christoph Hahn from MathWorks introduce you to the benefits tire modeling can have on your car set up.

Controller Design, Tuning, and Testing Improve your racecar lap times with vehicle dynamic control modeling and torque vectoring development.

From Model to Racing in Five Minutes Formula Student Team Delft members, Tom and Daniel, join Christoph Hahn, of MathWorks, to demonstrate the speed and ease of the controller design process so that you can bring your control model to your racecar to improve drivability and performance

Videos in Chinese

通过MATLAB/Simulink处理测试数据加速车辆控制算法仿真和设计 利用 MATLAB & Simulink,开发自动化与可视化数据分析工具,编写了简单的试车数据分析软件、实现了基于车辆路径的数据分析方法并实现了自动化的数据回放功能。同济大学电车队2015-2016赛季的队长马家骏将为我们介绍车队如何将MATLAB 和 Simulink 作为首要数据分析相关工具,解决试车中数据分析的重复工作,并将数据进行更直观的展现,从而帮助车队提高车辆测试阶段的效率。