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Bridging the Gap Between Requirements, Architecture, and Implementation

By Marc Segelken, MathWorks

How can we perform systems engineering tasks associated with standards like ARP 4754 and ISO 26262 part 4, while ensuring that the key derived requirements filter down to the implementation? Performing large-scale system design and upgrades is a task of ever-increasing complexity. Traceability and synchronization across all design levels is key to streamlining large-scale development programs. However, there is often a missing link between systems engineering and design implementation in a top-down design process.

This paper demonstrates how to bridge the gap between systems engineering and implementation in a top-down legacy systems upgrade project. The example case study follows the update of key system-level requirements and architectural modifications down to identification of the required design implementation. Finally, a system-level tradeoff analysis is performed to assess the high-level impact of the upgrade on the complete system.

This paper was presented at Embedded World Conference 2020.

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Published 2020