Bluetooth Toolbox


Bluetooth Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test Bluetooth communications systems

Waveform Generation

Generate and visualize all Bluetooth waveform variants, including Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR) and Low Energy (LE). Simulate all modulation and coding options.

Link Simulation

Perform Bluetooth BR/EDR and LE link simulation in the presence of radio frequency (RF) impairments, path loss, and WLAN interference. Compute bit error rates (BERs) and packet error rates (PERs).

Test and Measurement

Analyze performance and perform transceiver testing of BR/EDR and LE systems using standard-specified tests. Transmit and receive over-the-air Bluetooth signals with software-defined radios.

Coexistence Modeling

Create and configure a shared channel between Bluetooth and WLAN devices. Simulate and visualize coexistence between Bluetooth and WLAN devices and mitigate interference by using adaptive frequency hopping.


Implement lateration, angulation, or distance-angle localization methods and calculate the 2D or 3D position of an LE node. Simulate the direction finding packet exchange to track its position.

Network Modeling

Configure, simulate, and visualize multinode communication LE Audio and piconet networks. Model managed flooding in Bluetooth mesh networks. Write LE link layer packets to PCAP and PCAPNG files.

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