Hardware Support

Webcam Support from MATLAB and Simulink

Acquire images and video from a webcam to a desktop, microcontroller board, or real-time system.

Using UVC compliant webcams with MATLAB and Simulink, you can explore and develop live image processing and computer vision applications. Webcams are supported through multiple products and add-ons. Read on to learn what software is required depending on your application.

Use webcams in MATLAB

You can use webcams to acquire images in your MATLAB applications. You can use a desktop installation of MATLAB or MATLAB Online.

With MATLAB and Image Acquisition Toolbox, you have access to more advanced functionality such as background acquisition, buffering, and disk logging.

Use webcams in hardware projects with MATLAB

You can connect webcams to popular microcontroller boards and then stream the video to MATLAB. Connecting to a Raspberry Pi™ with a webcam is also supported from MATLAB Online.

Use webcams in Simulink

With Simulink and Image Acquisition Toolbox, you can stream live video from webcams into your Simulink models.

Use webcams in hardware projects with Simulink

You can design algorithms in Simulink to run standalone on your microcontroller hardware and use a webcam as an input device.

Use webcams in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations with Simulink Real-Time

Webcams can be used as video input device for rapid prototyping with Simulink Real-Time.