Hardware Support

Video Capture Device Support from Image Acquisition Toolbox

Use video capture devices to acquire images and video in MATLAB and Simulink

Capabilities and Features

Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for OS Generic Video Interface allows you to acquire images in MATLAB or Simulink from video capture devices that are supported natively by your computer’s OS. This includes webcams as well as some scientific and industrial cameras.

Features include:

  • Buffering to acquire video continuously in the background without dropping frames
  • Control of your acquisition from the Image Acquisition Tool app
  • Simulink blocks to bring image data directly into a Simulink model
  • Access to the dynamic properties from DirectShow® (Windows only)

Note: Basic acquisition of webcam images is available from MATLAB without the advanced features listed above. See Webcam Support from MATLAB.

Hardware Support

The following device types are supported by the support package on each platform.

Supported devices
Devices from manufacturers that provide DirectShow compliant WDM (Windows Driver Model) drivers
UVC compliant devices supported using Gstreamer drivers
UVC compliant devices supported using AVFoundation framework

Platform and Release Support

See the hardware support package system requirements table for current and prior version, release, and platform availability.