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Generate Current Controller Parameters

Using the Model-Based Calibration Toolbox™, you can generate optimized current tables for flux-based motor controllers. Use the calibration tables for the Powertrain Blockset™ Flux-Based PM Controller current controller block parameters.

Based on nonlinear motor flux data, the calibration tables optimize:

  • Motor efficiency

  • Maximum torque per ampere (MTPA)

  • Flux weakening

See Preprocess Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Data and Autogenerate Current Controller Calibration Tables (Model-Based Calibration Toolbox) to preprocess raw motor data and generate a calibration resulting in optimized current controller calibration tables.

Set Block Parameters

The optimized current controller calibration tables are functions of motor torque and motor speed. Use the tables for these Flux-Based PM Controller block parameters:

  • Corresponding d-axis current reference, id_ref

  • Corresponding q-axis current reference, iq_ref

  • Vector of speed breakpoints, wbp

  • Vector of torque breakpoints, tbp

To set the block parameters:

  1. Load the .mat file that contains the Model-Based Calibration Toolbox calibration results for the current controller. For example, in the MATLAB® command line, run optimalTable.mat:

    % Access data from MBC current controller calibration

  2. Assign the breakpoint parameters to the data contained in the .mat file. In this example, the speed data is in rpm. To use the calibration data for the block parameters, convert the speed breakpoints from rpm to rad/s.

    ParameterMATLAB Commands
    Vector of speed breakpoints, wbp
    Vector of speed breakpoints, wbp
    % MBC data for speed is in rpm.  
    % For the block parameter, use rad/s
    Corresponding d-axis current reference, id_ref
    Corresponding q-axis current reference, iq_ref

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