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Set platform kind of architecture model to classic or adaptive

Since R2023a



    setPlatform(archModel,platformKind) sets the platform of the AUTOSAR architecture model archModel to platformKind.


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    Create an AUTOSAR architecture model using the default settings, read the platform, and set the platform kind to adaptive.

    Create AUTOSAR architecture model, and read the platform setting.

    % Create AUTOSAR architecture model
    modelName = 'myArchModel';
    archModel = autosar.arch.createModel(modelName); % Default platform kind is Classic
    % Read the default platform kind
    ptm = archModel.Platform
    ptm =

    Specify the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform for the architecture model.

    % Read the updated platform kind
    ptm = archModel.Platform
    ptm =

    Input Arguments

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    AUTOSAR architecture model, specified as a model handle returned by a previous call to autosar.arch.createModel or autosar.arch.loadModel.

    AUTOSAR platform kind, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

    Set "Adaptive" to specify an adaptive architecture model. Set "Classic" to specify a classic architecture model.

    Mixing classic and adaptive architecture modeling is not supported.

    Example: 'Adaptive'

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023a