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File object for bioinformatics pipeline

Since R2023a


A bioinfo.pipeline.datatype.File object represents a file or an array of files that you can use in a bioinformatics pipeline. This object ensures that the file paths can be shared between blocks in a pipeline.


For most workflows, use a FileChooser block to select input files for your pipeline. You might create this File object by itself when you are implementing your own block subclasses and want to share the files between blocks in your pipeline.




fileObj = bioinfo.pipeline.blocks.File(fileName) creates a File object that represents the specified file fileName.

Input Arguments

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File name, specified as a string, character vector, string array, or cell array of character vectors representing multiple file names.

Specify a file name or path and file name if the file is not in the current directory. This object does not use the MATLAB® search path.

Data Types: char | string | cell

Object Functions

unwrapDisplay full file path and name


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Create a File object.

file1 = which("SRR6008575_10k_1.fq");
fObj = bioinfo.pipeline.datatype.File(file1)
fObj = 
  File with no properties.

Use unwrap to display the full file path.


Version History

Introduced in R2023a