The WINNER II Channel Model for Communications Toolbox™ builds on the WINNER II open source download, WINNER II Channel Models, by generating channel coefficients, which enables channel filtering. The WINNER II Channel Model also provides all the capability currently available in the open source download, including:

  • Dipole antenna pattern generation

  • Antenna array response calculation

  • Antenna array configuration

  • Layout configuration

  • Spatial system configuration

  • Channel path gain generation

To model a WINNER II Channel, first download the WINNER II Channel Model for Communications Toolbox from the Add-On Explorer. For more information on downloading add-ons, see Get Add-Ons (MATLAB).


[1] Kyosti, Pekka, Juha Meinila, et al. WINNER II Channel Models. D1.1.2 V1.2. IST-4-027756 WINNER II, September 2007.

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