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COM Component Integration

Integrate COM components into applications

Integrating MATLAB® generated COM components into an application requires you to use a combination of APIs. MATLAB Compiler SDK™ uses APIs to initialize the MATLAB Runtime, load the compiled MATLAB functions into the MATLAB Runtime, and manage data that is passed between the COM components and the MATLAB Runtime. The compiler generates some of the APIs based on the signatures of the compiled functions. MATLAB Runtime provides other APIs that are consistent for all applications.

Use COM components for integrating MATLAB functions into Microsoft® Office products. MATLAB Compiler™ offers direct integration with Microsoft Excel®.

Functions COM component for deployment outside MATLAB (Since R2021a) for building COM components (Since R2021a) build results object (Since R2020b)
mcrinstallerDisplay version and location information for MATLAB Runtime installer corresponding to current platform
mcrversionReturn MATLAB Runtime version number that matches MATLAB version