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MATLAB 应用生成 HDL 代码

生成用于在桌面或嵌入式目标上部署的 HDL 代码

将 Deep Learning HDL Toolbox™ 与 Deep Learning Toolbox™ 结合使用,为预训练网络生成 HDL 代码。您可以将生成的 HDL 代码部署在 Intel® 与 Xilinx® FPGA 和 SoC 设备上。

dlhdl.WorkflowConfigure deployment workflow for deep learning neural network (自 R2020b 起)
dlhdl.TargetConfigure interface to target board for workflow deployment (自 R2020b 起)




  • Get Started with Deep Learning FPGA Deployment on Intel Arria 10 SoC (Deep Learning HDL Toolbox)
    This example shows how to create, compile, and deploy a dlhdl.Workflow object that has a handwritten character detection series network object by using the Deep Learning HDL Toolbox™ Support Package for Intel FPGA and SoC.
  • Defect Detection (Deep Learning HDL Toolbox)
    This example shows how to deploy a custom trained series network to detect defects in objects such as hexagon nuts.