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DSP Algorithm Acceleration

Acceleration using dataflow multithreading or generated MEX functions

You can improve simulation throughput for MATLAB® functions using the dspunfold function to generate a multi-threaded MEX file.

In Simulink®, Dataflow domains automatically partition your model and simulate the system using multiple threads. By adding algorithmic latency to your system, you can further increase concurrency and improve simulation throughput of your model.


dspunfoldGenerates a multi-threaded MEX file from a MATLAB function
codegenGenerate C/C++ code from MATLAB code


Dataflow SubsystemSubsystem whose execution domain is set to Dataflow





Why Does the Analyzer Choose the Wrong State Length?

This section discusses the example where the state length depends on the input which causes verification failure. Debugging steps are also included.

Why Does the Analyzer Choose a Zero State Length?

This section discusses the example where the input does not have an immediate effect on the output. Hence, state length of 0 is considered in spite of the algorithm containing states.