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Floating-Point to Fixed-Point Conversion

Algorithm and model conversion


System Objects Supported by Fixed-Point Converter App

Use the Fixed-Point Converter app to automatically propose and apply data types for commonly used system objects.

Convert dsp.FIRFilter Object to Fixed-Point Using the Fixed-Point Converter App

Convert a dsp.FIRFilter System object™, which filters a high-frequency sinusoid signal, to fixed-point using the Fixed-Point Converter app.

Specify Fixed-Point Attributes for Blocks

Teaches you how to specify fixed-point attributes and parameters in software on both the block and system levels.

Convert Floating-Point Model to Fixed Point (Fixed-Point Designer)

Use the Fixed-Point Tool to convert a floating-point model to fixed point.

Iterative Fixed-Point Conversion in Simulink (Fixed-Point Designer)

Floating-point model conversion to fixed point using a guided workflow

Featured Examples