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Clear results logged by instrumented, compiled C code function


clearInstrumentationResults('mex_fcn') clears the results logged from calling the instrumented MEX function, mex_fcn.


clearInstrumentationResults mex_fcn is an alternative syntax for clearing the log.

clearInstrumentationResults all clears the results from all instrumented MEX functions.


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Run a test bench to log instrumentation, then use clearInstrumentationResults to clear the log.

Create a temporary directory, then import an example function from Fixed-Point Designer™.


Define prototype input arguments.

n = 128;
x = complex(fi(zeros(n,1),'DataType','ScaledDouble'));
W = coder.Constant(fi(fidemo.fi_radix2twiddles(n)));

Generate an instrumented MEX function. Use the -o option to specify the MEX function name.

buildInstrumentedMex testfft -o testfft_instrumented -args {x,W}

Run a test bench to record instrumentation results. Call showInstrumentationResults to open a report. View the simulation minimum and maximum values and whole number status by pausing over a variable in the report.

for i=1:20
    y = testfft_instrumented(cast(2*rand(size(x))-1,'like',x));

showInstrumentationResults testfft_instrumented

Clear the results log.

clearInstrumentationResults testfft_instrumented

Run a different test bench, then view the new instrumentation results.

for i=1:20
   y = testfft_instrumented(cast(rand(size(x))-0.5,'like',x));

showInstrumentationResults testfft_instrumented

Clear the MEX function and delete temporary files.

clear testfft_instrumented;

Input Arguments

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Instrumented MEX function created using buildInstrumentedMex.

Version History

Introduced in R2011b