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Publish interface for C++ library in the Live Editor

Since R2023a



    clibPublishInterfaceWorkflow creates a template live script to publish a MATLAB® interface for a C++ library. Use this script to walk through the publishing steps to:

    1. Generate the library definition file.

    2. Define missing functionality by editing the library definition file.

    3. Build the MATLAB interface to the C++ library file from the library definition.

    4. Test the interface by setting up run-time libraries and calling library functions.


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    Call the clibPublishInterfaceWorkflow function in the MATLAB Command Window to create the live script.


    In the dialog box that appears, specify a file name and location to save the live script. Then, follow the instructions in each section of the script to generate, define, build, and test the library interface.

    For more examples, see:

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023a