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Mark file for deletion from Git repository

Since R2023b



    rm(repo,files) marks the files files for deletion from the Git™ repository repo. The rm function does not delete the file from the local disk. The function deletes the cached file from the .git folder.


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    Create a new Git repository and create a repository object.

    repo = gitinit("newrepo");

    Create a new script.

    edit newScript.m;

    Mark the file for addition and commit it to the repository.

    commit(repo,message="Add file");

    Remove the new file from the repository.

    commitDetails = commit(repo,message="Remove file")
    commitDetails = 
      GitCommit with properties:
               Message: "Remove file"
                    ID: "7fdae521aafe591738864a386608f41f9bdfa2ee"
            AuthorName: "username"
           AuthorEmail: ""
            AuthorDate: 17-Apr-2023 14:53:56 +0000
         CommitterName: "username"
        CommitterEmail: ""
         CommitterDate: 17-Apr-2023 14:53:56 +0000
         ParentCommits: "c205f677db61dc94cc5e48a4467410f45e31db4a"]

    Open the Times Table App project repository and create a repository object.

    repo = gitrepo;

    Delete a file from disk.

    file = fullfile(pwd,"requirements","TimesTableRequirements.mlx");

    Deleting a file from disk does not remove it from source control. The status function reports the file as Missing.

    repoStatus = status(repo)
    repoStatus =
      1×1 table
        C:\Workspace\TimesTableProjectExample\TimesTableApp\requirements\TimesTableRequirements.mlx         Missing              

    Remove the missing file from source control.


    Commit the deletion to the repository.

    commit(repo,Message="Remove unused file");

    For instructions on how to restore a missing file, see discardChanges.

    Input Arguments

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    Git repository, specified as a matlab.git.GitRepository object.

    Files to remove from to the Git repository, specified as a string array, character vector, or cell array of character vectors.

    Example: "myfile.m"

    Data Types: char | string | cell


    When you perform a merge, you can use the add or rm functions to mark the conflict on a file as resolved.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b