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Troubleshoot Managing BeagleBone Black Files

You changed the beaglebone user password, and now the getFile, putFile, and deleteFile functions do not work.

To eliminate the possibility that the file functions fail because the board file space is exhausted or the file name is misspelled, run system(bbb, 'ls -l') to see the current directory on hardware. If this command fails as well, the problem may be the change of password. To eliminate this problem:

  1. Regain control of the Command Window by pressing Ctrl+C.

  2. Clear the bbb object and any other object based on the old password.

  3. Create a new connection using beaglebone with arguments that specify the new password.

  4. Try system(bbb, 'ls -l') again. If this command succeeds, try the getFile, putFile, or deleteFile functions again.

For more information, see: Linux.