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System object: phased.UCA
Namespace: phased

Polarization capability


flag = isPolarizationCapable(H)


flag = isPolarizationCapable(H) returns a Boolean value, flag, indicating whether the array supports polarization. An array supports polarization when all of its constituent sensor elements support polarization.

Input Arguments

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Uniform line array specified as a phased.UCA System object.

Output Arguments

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Polarization-capability flag returned as a boolean value true when the array supports polarization or false when it does not.


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Determine whether a UCA array of 7 short-dipole antenna elements supports polarization. The array radius is one-half meter.

antenna = phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement('FrequencyRange',[1e9 10e9]);
array = phased.UCA('NumElements',7,'Radius',0.5,'Element',antenna);
ans = logical

The returned value 1 from isPolarizationCapable shows that a UCA of short-dipole antenna elements supports polarization.

Version History

Introduced in R2015a