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Display RF budget object in RF Budget Analyzer app



    show(rfobj) opens an RF Budget Analyzer app to display a clone of the rfbudget object.


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    Create amplifier, modulator, rfelement, and nport objects for RF budget analysis.

    a = amplifier('Name','LNA','Gain',4);
    m = modulator('ConverterType','Up','LO',100e6,'Name','Mod');
    r = rfelement('Gain',10,'NF',3,'OIP3',2);
    n = nport('passive.s2p');

    Compute RF budget results for chain of 2-port elements at an input frequency of 2.1 GHz, an available input power of -30 dBm, and a bandwidth of 10 MHz.

    b = rfbudget([a m r n],2.1e9,-30,10e6);

    To display the RF budget results for exploration in the RF Budget Analyzer app, type show(b) in command line.

    Input Arguments

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    RF budget object, specified as a rfbudget object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2017a