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Create RF Toolbox circuit element

Since R2021b


Use the pcbElement object to create an RF Toolbox™ circuit element.




circuit_element = pcbElement(rfpcbobject) creates a PCB element object from a PCB component. You can use this element in an RF Toolbox circuit.

circuit_element = pcbElement(rfpcbobject,Name=Value) sets properties using one or more name-value arguments.

Input Arguments

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PCB component object, specified as an RF PCB object. For a complete list of the PCB components, see PCB Components Catalog.


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Compute S-parameters of the PCB element using the behavioral model, specified as a logical true or false. When you specify true, the object calculates the S-parameters using the behavioral model. When you specify false, the object calculates the S-parameters using the full-wave solver. For components and shapes that support the behavioral model, see Behavioral Models and sparameters.

Data Types: logical


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Create a circuit using default properties.

ckt = circuit;

Create two interdigital capacitors, one using default properties and one with three fingers.

c1 = interdigitalCapacitor;
c2 = interdigitalCapacitor('NumFingers',3);

View both c1 and c2.



Convert c2 to a PCB element with the Behavioral property set to false.

p = pcbElement(c2,'Behavioral',false);

Add both capacitors to the circuit object.

add(ckt,[1 2 0 0],c1) % default pcbElement created automatically
add(ckt,[2 3 0 0],p)
setports(ckt,[1 0],[3 0])

Calculate the S-parameters.

S = sparameters(ckt,8e9) 
S = 
  sparameters with properties:

      Impedance: 50
       NumPorts: 2
     Parameters: [2x2 double]
    Frequencies: 8.0000e+09


[1] Pozar, David M. Microwave Engineering. 4th ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2012.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b