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Export Models to Web View Files

To export a model to a web view file:

  1. Open the model to export.

  2. In the Simulink® Toolstrip, on the Simulation tab, in the File section, click Save . Under Export Model To, select Web View.

  3. Under Systems to Export, select the levels of the model to export, in relationship to the system currently displayed or chart currently selected in the Simulink Editor.

  4. For the systems in the levels that you are exporting, under Include Options, select any kinds of systems you want the web view user to be able to navigate below the Subsystem or Model block, to the underlying blocks or models.

    If you select more than one kind of system, the criteria for exporting information for interacting with the contents of the systems are applied downward through the model hierarchy. For example, if you did not select Referenced Models when you exported the model, regardless of how you set the Library Links option, in the web view you cannot interact with a library link block that is inside of a referenced model.

  5. Under Systems to Exclude, select any systems that you do not want to export. To select multiple systems, press the Ctrl key and select systems.

  6. To avoid overwriting existing exported web view packages, select If package exists, increment name to prevent overwriting.

  7. In Package Type, specify whether you want to package the web view as a zipped file (the default packaging). In Package name, you can specify a name for the zip file or for the folder for the web view files.

  8. Select optional views.

    • If you have Simulink Coverage™ installed, on the Optional Views tab, you can select Include Coverage view.

    • If you have Requirements Toolbox™ on the Optional Views tab, you can select Include Requirements view.

  9. Click Export.

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