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What Is a Web View?

A Web view is an interactive rendition of a model that you can view in a Web browser. You can use Web views to navigate hierarchically to specific subsystems and see properties of blocks and signals. Web views provide a simple way to interactively explore a model. For example, you can view block parameter values without opening a block parameter dialog box.

Use Web views to share models with people who do not have Simulink® installed.

You can save Web views of a model over time, creating snapshots of the model as it changes during the development process.

System Requirements

Although you use Simulink Report Generator™ software to create Web views, you can display a Web view in a browser, even if you do not have Simulink Report Generator installed.

By default, when you export a Web view, that Web view automatically displays in your default Web browser.

Web View Files

By default, exporting a Web view creates a zip file that includes the Web view HTML file, as well as files that support Web view display. Supporting files include .svg and .png files. Zip file packaging compresses the files and consolidates the Web view and supporting files into one zip file.

You can choose to export the Web view files as the Web view HTML file and the supporting files, in a folder, without being zipped. You can open the Web view HTML file directly, without having to open a non-zipped file. You can also choose to export the Web view files as both a zip file and as non-zipped files.

The default name of the zip file or folder that contains the non-zipped Web view files is the name of the model that contains the systems to export. You can specify a different file or folder name.

The default location for storing Web view files is the MATLAB® current folder. You can choose a different folder.

If you send Web view files to someone else, consider whether you need to explain how to access the Web view file.

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