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Getting Started Using the SimBiology Apps

SimBiology provides a set of integrated apps that are designed to facilitate building, simulating, and analyzing models of dynamic systems such as pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) and mechanistic systems biology models.

  • The SimBiology Model Builder app lets you build dynamic models interactively using various modeling elements. For instance, you can model a variety of biological systems such as signaling pathways, metabolic networks, and PK/PD models. It also lets you model biological variability and different dosing regimens to investigate various experimental conditions and dosing strategies.

  • The SimBiology Model Analyzer app lets you perform analyses on models of dynamic systems. You can simulate the dynamic behavior of a model using various solvers and estimate model parameters. To investigate system dynamics and guide experimentation, you can perform sensitivity analysis and parameter sweeps.

See the following tutorials to get started.

Build Models

Analyze Models and Data