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Move SimBiology species or parameter object to new parent

Since R2020b



spObj = move(spObj,parentObj) moves a SimBiology® species or parameter object spObj to a new parent SimBiology object parentObj. The function automatically updates the corresponding expressions, observables, variants, and parameterized dose properties that reference spObj. Expressions include reactions, kinetic laws, rules, and events.


spObj = move(spObj,parentObj,conflictOption) specifies how to handle naming conflicts if parentObj is already the parent of another object with the same name as spObj.


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Create a model with two compartments.

m = sbiomodel('cell');
c1 = addcompartment(m,'c1');
c2 = addcompartment(m,'c2');
B_c1 = addspecies(c1,'B');
B_c2 = addspecies(c2,'B');
p = addparameter(m,'k1',5);
r = addreaction(m,'c1.A + c1.B -> c2.B');
k = addkineticlaw(r,'MassAction');
k.ParameterVariableNames = 'k1';

The parameter is scoped to the model, which is the parent.

ans = 
   SimBiology Model - cell 

   Model Components:
     Compartments:      2
     Events:            0
     Parameters:        1
     Reactions:         1
     Rules:             0
     Species:           3
     Observables:       0

Move the model-scoped parameter to the kinetic law.

p = move(p,k);

The parent is now the kinetic law object instead of the model object.

ans = 
   SimBiology Kinetic Law Array

   Index:    KineticLawName:
   1         MassAction     

Move species B from compartment c1 to c2. c2 already has another species with the same name, so use the 'force' option to resolve the naming conflict. The move function renames B to B_1.

B = move(B_c1,c2,'force')
B = 
   SimBiology Species Array

   Index:    Compartment:    Name:    Value:    Units:
   1         c2              B_1      0               

Input Arguments

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SimBiology species or parameter, specified as a species object or parameter object.

If spObj is a:

  • Parameter object, parentObj must be a model, reaction, or kinetic law object.

  • Species object, parentObj must be a compartment object.

If you move a parameter to a reaction, the reaction kinetic law is the new parent of the parameter. The function creates an unknown kinetic law if the reaction does not already have a kinetic law.

Parent object, specified as a model object, reaction object, kinetic law object, or compartment object.

Method to resolve naming conflicts, specified as a character vector or string. Valid options are:

  • 'strict' — The function throws an error if parentObj is already the parent of another object with the same name as spObj.

  • 'force' — The function changes the name of spObj by appending '_N', where N is the smallest number such that the new name of spObj is unique among all objects parented to parentObj.

Version History

Introduced in R2020b