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MATLAB FunctionMATLAB 代码包含在生成可嵌入式 C 代码的模型中
MATLAB System在模型中包含 System object


coder.extrinsic将函数声明为外部函数,并在 MATLAB 中执行它
coder.ignoreSizePrevent code generator from creating function specializations for constant-size expressions
coder.ignoreConstPrevent use of constant value of expression for function specializations
coder.unroll通过为每次循环迭代生成循环体的副本来展开 for 循环
coder.sameSizeBinaryOpApply element-wise binary operations without implicit expansion
coder.noImplicitExpansionInFunctionDisable implicit expansion within the specified function in the generated code



Nonconstant Index into varargin or varargout in a for-Loop

Force loop unrolling when the code generator cannot determine the value of the index into varargin or varargout.

Avoid Duplicate Functions in Generated Code

Reduce the occurrence of duplicate functions in the generated code.

Output Variable Must Be Assigned Before Run-Time Recursive Call

Troubleshoot output variable assignment for run-time recursion.

Compile-Time Recursion Limit Reached

Troubleshoot compile-time recursion limit error.

Resolve Error: Size Mismatches

Troubleshoot size mismatch errors that occur during code generation.