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Save and restore signal logging specification


A Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignals object acts as a specification for logged signals in a model, including signals in subsystems, library instances, and Stateflow® charts. You can get a Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignals object for the logging configuration in your model using the get_param function with the InstrumentedSignals model parameter. You can save several logging configurations as Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignals objects and easily swap the logging configuration for your model using set_param.


An InstrumentedSignals object for a model does not include signals logged inside referenced models. To get a list of logged signals in a referenced model, create an InstrumentedSignals object for the referenced model.


The get_param function returns a Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignals object for the InstrumentedSignals model parameter.


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Name of the model that corresponds to the list of logged signals.

Example: 'sldemo_fuelsys'

Number of logged signals in the model.

Example: 10

Data Types: uint32


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This example shows how to use the Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignals object to save a set of logged signals to restore after running a simulation with a different signal logging configuration.

Save the Initial Signal Logging Configuration

This example uses the sldemo_fuelsys model, which is configured to log 10 signals. Open the model and use the get_param function to get a Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignals object representing the signal logging configuration.

load_system sldemo_fuelsys

initSigs = get_param('sldemo_fuelsys','InstrumentedSignals');

You can save the initial signal logging configuration in a MAT-file for later use.

save initial_instSigs.mat initSigs

Remove All Logging Badges

To return to a baseline of no logged signals, you can use the set_param function to remove all logging badges from signals in your model. Then, you can easily select a different configuration of signals to log in the Simulink Editor or using the Simulink.sdi.markSignalForStreaming function.


Restore Saved Logging Configuration

After working with a different set of logged signals, you can restore a saved configuration using the Simulink.HMI.InstrumentedSignals object. For example, if you saved the logging configuration to a MAT-file, you can load the MAT-file contents into the workspace and use the set_param function to restore the previously saved logging configuration.

load initial_instSigs.mat


Version History

Introduced in R2015b