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Specify maximum size for data logged to disk

Since R2021a



    Simulink.sdi.setMaxDiskUsage(maxSize) configures logging to use no more than the maximum amount of disk space specified by maxSize, in units of GB.

    When you configure a maximum size for logged data, you can also configure the behavior when logged data approaches the maximum size using the Simulink.sdi.setDeleteRunsOnLowSpace function. For more information, see Specify a Minimum Disk Space Requirement or Maximum Size for Logged Data.


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    Logging data from simulation can produce large amounts of data that may fill up disk space. To mitigate issues related to filing disk space, you can specify a minimum disk space requirement, a maximum size for logged data, or both. To ensure the logged data does not exceed the specified maximum size or use enough disk space to violate the disk space requirement, prior run data may be deleted and recording logged data may be disabled. You can specify whether to prioritize continuing to log data in the current simulation or retaining prior simulation data.

    Use the Simulink.sdi.setRequiredFreeSpace function to configure logging to leave at least 1 GB of disk space empty.


    Use the Simulink.sdi.setMaxDiskUsage function to specify a maximum logged data size of 100 GB.


    When you configure logging size limits, you can also specify what to do when the logging limits are approached. You can choose whether to prioritize retaining data from prior runs or data in the current run.

    By default, current simulation data is prioritized. If the size of logged data approaches configured limits, data from prior simulations is deleted. If deleting run data does not free enough space, recording logged data is disabled and no more data from the current simulation is saved. When you choose to prioritize logged data from prior simulations instead, recording is disabled as soon as the size of logged data approaches configured limits. You see a warning when run data is deleted and when recording is disabled.

    Use the Simulink.sdi.setDeleteRunsOnLowSpace function to configure logging to prioritize retaining prior run data.


    If recording is disabled due to the size of logged data, you need to enable recording again to save data from future simulations. Use the Simulink.sdi.setRecordData function to enable recording.


    Input Arguments

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    Maximum size for data logged to disk, specified as a scalar, in units of GB. To configure no limit on the size of logged data, specify 0.

    Example: Simulink.sdi.setMaxDiskUsage(500) configures logging to use no more than 500 GB of disk space.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a