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SIL, PIL, and HIL Tests

Run equivalence (back-to-back) tests for software-in-the-loop, processor-in-the-loop, and real-time hardware-in-the-loop

You can compare results between your model and generated code by running equivalence tests in different environments, such as model simulation and SIL, PIL, or HIL execution. Equivalence tests are sometimes referred to as back-to-back tests. To automatically create test cases and test harnesses, you can use the Test for Component wizard.


Create and Run a Back-to-Back Test

Create and run an equivalence test to compare normal simulation and SIL/PIL code generation output.

Analyze Code and Test Software-in-the-Loop

Detect code errors, generate code metrics, test code and model equivalence, test code against requirements.

SIL Verification for a Subsystem

Perform SIL verification programmatically by using test harnesses and the Simulation Data Inspector.

Test Models in Real Time

Create a real-time application, download it to the target, execute the test, and assess results.

Reuse Desktop Test Cases for Real-Time Testing

Run real-time tests based on desktop test cases that use external inputs.

Test a Simulation for Run-Time Errors

Use a simulation test case to test an anti-lock brake system for simulation run-time errors.

Test Execution Order

Order in which models load, and test cases, iterations, and callbacks run.

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