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removeUnit(unit) removes the symbolic unit unit. You can remove only user-defined units created with newUnit. You cannot remove predefined units. If unit is a vector, removeUnit removes all units in unit.


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Remove units you define by using removeUnit. Create the unit warp3, use the unit in calculations, and then remove the unit.

Define the unit warp3 as 3 times the speed of light.

u = symunit;
warp3 = newUnit('warp3',3*u.c_0)
warp3 =

Convert 1e10 meter per second to u.warp3.

speed = rewrite(1e10*u.m/u.s,u.warp3)
speed =

After calculations, remove the unit u.warp3 by using removeUnit.


Conversion to u.warp3 now throws an error.

Input Arguments

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Unit name, specified as a symbolic unit or a vector of symbolic units.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b