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Units of Measurement

Use physical units, converting units, checking unit consistency and compatibility

Use and manipulate physical units of measurement. These units act as symbolic expressions and can be used with Symbolic Math Toolbox™ functions. You can verify unit dimensions, convert between units, and create your own custom units.


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checkUnitsCheck for compatible dimensions and consistent units
findUnitsFind units in input
isUnitDetermine if input is a symbolic unit
mixedUnitsSplit unit into sum of units
newUnitDefine new unit
removeUnitRemove unit
rewriteRewrite expression in terms of another function
separateUnitsSeparate units from expression
simplifyAlgebraic simplification
str2symunitConvert character vector or string to unit
symunitUnits of measurement
symunit2strConvert unit to character vector
unitConversionFactorConversion factor between units
unitConvertConvert units to other units of measurement
unitInfoInformation on units of measurement
baseUnitsBase units of unit system
derivedUnitsDerived units of unit system
newUnitSystemDefine unit system
removeUnitSystemRemove unit system
unitSystemsList available unit systems