Define Interfaces

A system engineering solution includes formal definition of the interfaces between components. A connection merely shows that the two components has an output-to-input relationship; an interface defines the type, dimensions, units, and structure of the data. You can describe interfaces using the Interface Editor.

You can show or hide the Interface Editor. On the Modeling tab and from the Design section, select Interface Editor. The interface Editor opens in the right-side pane under the Property Inspector.

Create Interface

To add a new interface definition, click the icon. Name the interface.

Click the icon to add an element to the interface. Change the name. Interface and element names must be valid variable names.

You can delete interfaces and elements in the Interface Editor using the button.

You can view and edit the properties of an element in the Property Inspector. Right-click the interface element and select Inspect Properties.

A hierarchical interface is one that contains another interface. Create a hierarchical interface by assigning the type of an interface element to another interface.

For example, let coordinates be an interface that consists of x, y, and z coordinates. GPS data includes location information and a timestamp. If the location data is in the same format as the coordinates interface, then you can set its type to coordinates. Right-click the location element and select Set 'Type' > coordinates. The available interface options include all interfaces in the model, except the parent of the element.

The defined interfaces become part of the model data dictionary.

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