equation using three variables

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sara 2011-7-5
Hi, I am MSc student and need to implement the below formula in Matlab then change the values of variables in order to optimise the false positive probability and plot the results. I have never worked with Matlab before and I am just trying to get familiar more and more with it but yet I couldn't find out how I can solve this implementation. Should I use "Optimization Toolbox" for implementation?
Pfr = (1 - ( 1 - 1/m )^(k*n) )^k
Thank you in advance

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D 2011-7-5
I'm not clear on your exact problem, but you can check out the function list to see if anything will work: http://www.mathworks.com/help/toolbox/optim/ug/bqnk0r0.html

bym 2011-7-5
I'd start with these:


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