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Simulation of plane flight and is aerospace toolbox installed?

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Tiberius on 12 Feb 2014
I have a diploma project for which I want to simulate the aircraft flight using data from ADS-B codes (containing coordinates and other parameters). When I type, let's say, this : _>> h = Aero.VirtualRealityAnimation; >> h.FramesPerSecond = 10; h.TimeScaling = 5; >> h.VRWorldFilename = [matlabroot,'/toolbox/aero/astdemos/asttkoff.wrl']; >> % Copy file to temporary directory copyfile(h.VRWorldFilename,[tempdir,'asttkoff.wrl'],'f'); % Set world filename to the copied .wrl file. h.VRWorldFilename = [tempdir,'asttkoff.wrl']; >> h.initialize();_
it shows me the VR plane take-off window (so something looking like the start of a simulation). My question is... since I'm completely in the dark now, can someone, who's worked with this already, help me with what I need to download or use in order to accomplish my goal of simulating this? I just need some guidelines, I can do the documentation myself, but I need a starting point. Also, how can I determine if the aerospace toolbox (blockset) is installed? Thank you for your time.


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