how to define the joint between pin and straight slot

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a short bar, one end is connected to rotate motor, the other end has a pin, connected into the straight slot of another long bar. the other end of long bar is fixed on the ground.
I mean, when the short bar is driven by motor to turn, the pin will slide in the streight slot of long bar, then will drive the long bar to move or turn through the contact force.
how to define the joint between the pin and stright slot? (i have looked at your comments on another answer about straight slot, but seems not seem with my question)
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z 2011-8-1
thanks for your comment. I am asking what kind of joint should be used in the simmechanics of simulink in Matlab?



Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege 2011-8-1
This has been asked and answered before, see:

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