Plotting a continuous signal in the frequency domain

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Hello all,
I have simulated a single phase electrical distribution network in simulink using the SimPowerSystems library and I need to perform some signal analysis on it. I need to obtain a plot of the electrical signal (either voltage or current) in the frequency domain however this is proving rather difficult as it is a continuous signal.
I have been using the FFT magnitude block with a zero order hold and buffer fed into a vector scope with a frequency input domain. This setup works fine when I simulate the system with a discrete signal input. Once I change the signal to continuous, after making a few adjustments to some of the blocks' settings, I get a blank plot.
Can anyone help me remedy this problem?


Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege 2011-8-5
Use the FFT Analysis in the PowerGUI block. See Performing Harmonic Analysis Using the FFT Tool in the documentation for more details. You'll probably need to discretize your electrical network with the PowerGUI first. The demo model power_bridges shows an example of that.
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David 2011-8-13
Sorry for the late reply. I followed your advice and everything is working well.
Much appreciated


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