All my channels stopped working

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Jose Valverde
Jose Valverde2021-8-31
评论: Jose Valverde ,2021-10-14
hello, I have four channels that receive data from their corresponding arduino boards, three with dh22 sensors and the fourth a hydraulic pressure sensor. The four channels have been receiving data perfectly until yesterday at 12:00 pm that they stopped updating. My account is free and I created it two months ago, so it has not expired yet, and I created the channels on different dates, the last one two weeks ago. I have tested the code creating another account and it works, does anyone have any idea what can happen?

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Vinod 2021-8-31
Did you check connectivity from your Arduinos? Perhaps they lost internet connectivity?
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Jose Valverde
Jose Valverde 2021-10-14
No, any device have is own channel. I supose it's code problem...


Jose Valverde
Jose Valverde 2021-10-6
It has happened again, suddenly at the same time all the channels of one of my thingspeak accounts have stopped sending and receiving data. This is the second time it has happened to me without having done anything.
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Vinod 2021-10-7
We have devices running for years on ThingSpeak with no issues like what you are reporting. I know that's not helpful to solving your problem, so let's try and understand what is going on.
You said "one of my ThingSpeak accounts stopped receiving data", so you mean you have other accounts working fine? That should rule out a problem on ThingSpeak.
Without changing the API key, have you tried to update your channel using a web browser? If that works, I would conclude almost certainly that the issue might have to do with the code on your device or its connectivity.



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