Model Three-Phase PMSM Drive : how can i replace the IGBT devices with the more detailed N-Channel IGBT block

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In the documentation ,Three-Phase PMSM Drive said N-Channel IGBT block can replace the IGBT devices ,but i can not connect the gate terminal of the N-Channel IGBT

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Dakai Hu
Dakai Hu 2022-5-5
Hi Yujian,
Thanks for your question.
The N-Channel IGBT block is a not an ideal switch block. It does require the use of a gate driver block to capture the non-linear turn on and turn off dynamics happening on the gate of the transistor.
Once you add a gate driver block from the library, you can connect the physical signal to the gate driver which then can be connected to the gate of the N-Channel IGBT block. See below.

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