MATLAB Simulink-Hardware support for PX4 autopilot UAV

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Suraj Suresh Kumar
Suraj Suresh Kumar2021-9-22
回答: Ankur Bose ,2021-11-11,10:40
I'm trying to upload the firmware through UAV Toolbox support package for PX4 autopilots. The initial Hardware Setup is completed. I'm using the one of the MATLAB examples for the same toobox package to upload my code into the PX4 flight controller.
The problem is that MATLAB is not detecting the "ProfiCNC CUBE F4 FMU (COM3)" port but detecting the "Legacy FMU (COM5)" port, which renders the system to show a message saying
"Attempting reboot on COM5 with baudrate=57600... If the board does not respond, unplug and re-plug the USB connector."
I had faced the same problem with the initial "Hardware Setup" process, which i could overcome by simply rebooting the hardware just before the MATLAB firmware upload subprocess.
Now when i try to upload a customized Firmware based on one of the examples for the UAV toolbox, Im not able reboot the hardware since the hardware cannot be reboot in the middle of the Simulink program. Please suggest a solution for the problem.
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Rasmus Steffensen
Rasmus Steffensen 2021-10-16
This solves the issue:


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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose 2021-11-11,10:40
This issue is mostly due to two different COM ports coming uo for your Pixhawk board (one for upload and one for communication). Some boards have this special behavior. On most other boards, the upload and communication port is same and there is no such issue.
To troubleshoot the issue of Uploading the firmare in Test Connection, see Troubleshooting Unresponsive Firmware Upload.
Also to successfully upload firmware from Simulink, set the COM ports correctly as shown in Set COM Port for Upload and Communication in Simulink

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