mex - setup FORTRAN can't install for 2017b or 2021a for windows 10

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Nikesh Bajaj
Nikesh Bajaj2021-9-24
回答: Rik ,2021-9-24
I have been trying to fix the issue of mex-setup fortran on windows 10 machine. I had 2021a, after downloding MinGW, I could run mex -setup C but couldn't run mex -setup FORTRAN, and tied a lot. FInally, I installed 2017b, and similar issue.
HERE is the snapshot.
Please Help

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Rik 2021-9-24
MinGW is only for C an C++, not Fortran.
The linked page looks like you need the Intel Parallel Studio XE. The 2017 version seems to be supported for both releases.

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