Programmatically change stackedplot ticks in live editor

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Lima Kilo
Lima Kilo2021-10-5
I have a stackedplot in a live script where I want to scale up the x axis labels - the values are e.g. 0.01, which i would like to read 10 without changing the data or having to adjust existing limits.
In a regular plot, that works by just editing the XTickLabels. For the stackedplot, a trick is needed to access the axis properties as described here:
In a normal script, the following code works fine, but in a live script, the plot does not change even though the axis property has changed as the output of the last line confirms.
x = [0 0.01 0.02 0.03];
y1 = [1 2 3 4]';
y2 = [4 3 2 1]';
s = stackedplot(x, [y1 y2]);
xlim([0 0.02]);
axs = findobj(s.NodeChildren, 'Type', 'Axes');
axs(1).XTickLabel = num2str(axs(1).XTick'*1000);
ans = 11×2 char array
' 0' ' 2' ' 4' ' 6' ' 8' '10' '12' '14' '16' '18' '20'
How do I get the live script plot to change?
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Lima Kilo
Lima Kilo 2021-10-5
@Paul Kaufmann scaling the values in the input to the plot requires changing the axis limits. I already have a number of plots with these x-axis values and I would like a "drop-in" solution to scale the axes without changing all the limits. I'll add that in the question.


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Ashutosh Singh Baghel
Hi Lima,
I understand you wish to have custom XtickLabel in the live script's 'stackedplot' function call. The issue is due to the cause that ' stackedplot ' is not updating the 'XtickLabel' as it should do, although our development team is aware of the issue and investigating.
Refer to the 'stackedplot' MATLAB Documentation page for more information.




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