Plotting Gradient of Multivariable function.

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NISHANTH M P2021-10-8
回答: Tanmay Das ,2021-10-14
I am Trying to Plot Grad of This Multimaviable Funtion...
the Chunk of My code as follows,
syms x y
[X, Y] = meshgrid(-1:.1:1,-1:.1:1);
G1 = subs(g(1),[x y],{X,Y});
G2 = subs(g(2),[x y],{X,Y});
my error is : "Error using symfun/subsref (line 172)
Symbolic function expected 2 input arguments but received 1.
Error in Untitled (line 14)
G1 = subs(g(1),[x y],{X,Y});"
please HElp me with this....

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Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das 2021-10-14
Hi Nishanth,
You can make multiple substitution using subs function in either of the two ways given below:
1) Make multiple substitutions by specifying the old and new values as vectors.
G1 = subs(g(1),[x,y],[X,Y]);
2) Alternatively, for multiple substitutions, use cell arrays.
G1 = subs(g(1),{x,y},{X,Y});

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