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What is happening with the Simulink support for BEST Robotics teams in 2014?

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MathWorks is excited to offer complimentary Simulink software to all the BEST teams. Use Simulink and the VEX Microcontroller Support Package to program your robot!
Simulink for BEST Robotics 2014:
- Online download and installation of the Simulink and VEX Support Package. (DVD’s are no longer needed)
- Built-in Compile and Download capability. Separate installation of a 3rd party compiler is no longer required. The new compiler is available throughout the year and you can use Simulink
- Mac OS support added . This new support enables your team to create Simulink models and download to a robot from both Windows and Mac machines
- New documentation and demos/tutorials in the VEX Support Package
- BEST Simulink Design Award
Request software for your BEST team:
To learn more about how to request software for your team, go to:
After you submit your software request, you will receive your installation keys and instructions in 72 business hours.
More info:
Learn more about our support for BEST Robotics and the VEX Microcontroller Support Package here:
For technical questions about setting up licenses or using our software, go to and submit your question (In ‘Tags’ field use bestrobotics)
Contact Us directly at


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